TEBLICK, plastic constructions & installations

Teblick is a Belgian family business that has been designing and manufacturing plastic constructions since 1958. With 58 employees in Belgium and more than 10 in Catalonia, our organically grown team consists of knowledgeable engineers, creative 3D-designers, superb craftsmen and competent support staff. Together, we offer a full-circle of services from initial design all the way through to after-sale customer care.

Thanks to its relentless focus on long-term quality and sustainable solutions, Teblick has earned the reputation of a reliable industry partner. Some of our most requested products include chemical storage tanks, piping, gas scrubbers & water treatment units.

Our clientes are active in a wide range of industries from (petroleum) chem and pharma to micro-electronics, water treatment and more. As a medium-sized family company, we are incredibly proud to serve industry leaders around the world.

Everything we do is customer made. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any or all of your specific plastic needs. It will be our pleasure to see what we can do for you.


Please contact Wim Teblick.