Pieter Jansoone – Interim & Change Management

Passionate about change and its impact on teams and organisations, we bring over 10 years of experience in Change & Interim Management, Consultancy and Training across various sectors.

Every organization has their issues. However, nobody likes to openly talk about them. Sometimes you have the feeling that you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to really help. Or it does help, but only on the surface. The good news? There is always a way to get rid of that lingering elephant in the room!

We are in the get-it-done business. No frills. We take things head-on, with an open view. We listen, analyse and check. We listen again and execute in line with the client’s strategical wishes. Let’s get to work, together!

We are people-centred. It all starts with a discreet talk and a good cup of coffee!


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